LIMES (Ladies In Mechanical and Electrical Studies) is the female student committee of AMIV, the association for students of “Information Technology and Electrical Engineering” (D-ITET) and “Mechanical and Process Engineering” (D-MAVT). It was founded by four students in January of 2012 and emerged as the first women’s network in engineering at ETH Zurich.

LIMES aims to empower women in the engineering fields. Our goal is to not only to help women within these fields connect with each other but also to help connect them with the industry. We also try to inspire female high school students to choose technical career paths by for example organizing the event Schülerinnentag (female student day).

LIMES (Ladies In Mechanical and Electrical Studies) ist die Frauenkommission des AMIV, dem Fachverein für Studierende der Departemente “Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik” (D-MAVT) und “Informationstechnologie und Elektrotechnik” (D-ITET). Sie wurde im Januar 2012 durch vier Studentinnen gegründet und ging damit als erstes Frauennetzwerk in den Ingenieurswissenschaften aus der ETH Zürich hervor.